WeTheNorth (WTN) market: a New King in the North, or Just a Regent?

Canadian HeadQuarters met its demise – a typical fate for a darknet marketplace. The King is dead. Long live the King! Right? WeTheNorth was established in 2021 and benefited from CanadianHQ being shut down by the government in 2022. Now, it is one of the most vastly growing markets in the region. Yet, does it have the capacity to outshine its predecessor?

Indeed, the WTN market offers one of the largest and richest selections of drugs in the industry. Plus, the administration is truly dedicated to providing the most outstanding customer service possible. However, you shouldn’t expect much when it comes to other products or payment methods (traditional escrow & autopay are your only options).

General Outline

Current statusRunning
SpecializationMainly Drugs (+ some other categories)
Traditional EscrowYes
Escrow with MultisigNo
Accepted cryptocurrenciesBitcoin (BTC) & Monero (XMR)
Finalize Early (FE)Not yet (but there is Autopay for digital goods)
2-factor authentication with PGP encryptionYes
Mandatory PGP encryptionFor vendors (strongly advised for buyers too)
Wallet-free paymentsNo

Onion Link & Mirrors

  • hn2paw7zbm7gjvhh3lsluzcub5rbddzlr6vi6efzliyeyxqaaq2lwwid.onion


WeTheNorth incorporated phishing protection on the website. Hence, don’t insert your credentials if you see that the beginning or the end of the URL in your address bar doesn’t match the letters in the captcha.

Security Features

Essentially, local darknet markets are not the ones to impress you with sophisticated technologies or groundbreaking functions. Still, you cannot say that WTN treats the issues of security & anonymity lightly, either. Its safety toolkit includes:

  • phishing & DDoS protection;
  • 2FA & PGP encryption (mandatory for vendors);
  • PIN code to confirm orders;
  • interface without a trace of JavaScript;
  • Monero as one of the accepted cryptocurrencies.

Personal Responsibility

Keep in mind that WTN caring about your safety doesn’t mean that you can be nonchalant about it. On the contrary, you should make it your priority and always be on guard:

  • Use the Tor browser with disabled JavaScript to open the onion links (and get them from reputable or official sources, such as Dread and
  • Install a VPN service with a no-log policy & dedicated operating system with enhanced privacy (e.g., Tails or Whonix).
  • Keep your casual and darknet browsing apart.
  • Never let anyone see your personal details or credentials.
  • Refrain from inserting your real-life data into anything related to your dark web persona, including password, username, and PIN.
  • Do not strike deals or even engage in communication outside the platform.
  • Enable 2FA. You will have to walk an extra mile by decrypting a message with your private PGP key besides entering your credentials every time you log in, but it is worth the effort if you want to keep intruders from your profile.
  • Always manually encrypt all your communication and personal info using a reputable PGP client, including the address you want the package to be delivered.
  • Educate yourself on cryptocurrency transactions & operations security.

Making a Purchase

For starters, you’ll have to pick the product you like before making a purchase. WeTheNorth doesn’t advertise itself as a marketplace devoted entirely to drugs. Yet, it is their most represented category and it does not disappoint. Here you can find anything you need. Plus, experienced Canadian darknet market visitors might come across some familiar faces.

As for other categories, it offers a standard package: carded items, fraud, counterfeit goods, software & malware, digital products, etc. Unfortunately, the selection there is rather poor. But let’s not lose hope. With the dedication that this market shows, it is likely to improve with time.

Of course, as a place that values its users’ safety and has a certain moral code, WTN adopted a harm-reduction policy. Thus, several products and services are permanently prohibited from being sold on the website:

  • fentanyl;
  • prostitution & child porn;
  • murder for hire;
  • weapons & explosives;
  • terrorism-related listings.

Due to the absence of multisig and wallet-free payments, you have to make a deposit before you attempt to buy anything. So, transfer the money from your e-wallet to the site’s built-in wallet. As soon as the funds arrive, place your order.

Generally, you’ll be dealing with the traditional escrow system, which implies that the company will hold your money in an escrow until the order is finalized. In most cases, it takes less than 14 days to process a physical order. So, you might have to be patient, considering shipping troubles and other possible complications.

When you pick up your package, you should finalize your order as soon as possible, so the seller gets the reward. Of course, you should only do it provided that you are happy with the quality of the goods you received.

The platform doesn’t present its users with a Finalize Early option (at least, not yet). But digital orders are automatically finalized after 48 hours because of the autopay feature.

Helpful Tips

As simple as the acquisition procedure may seem, you are likely to encounter certain pitfalls along the way. In case you want your experience to be smooth and secure, consider following these words of wisdom:

  • This place is designed by Canadians for Canadians. It would be a mistake to attempt buying or selling here if you are from another country.
  • On WTN, vendors are obliged to adhere to certain standards for creating listings. Therefore, you should be able to find all the information you need to decide whether this particular product suits your requirements. Do not neglect this opportunity and study aspects like product description, price, available quality, shipping options, and refund policy.
  • Do not place orders blindly. Find proof that your seller is trustworthy. Research the shop’s & item’s statistics. Take a look at the ratings and read the reviews. Make sure that the vendor is experienced and has been online recently.
  • Preserve your anonymity. Do not mention any unnecessary personal details (you don’t even have to provide your actual postal address, you can just write down the one that is convenient to you). Naturally, doxxing is strictly prohibited on the platform. Hence, if anyone is threatening to reveal your data, you should report this person immediately.
  • Most of the sellers prefer long-run to short-term profits. Therefore, it is in their best interests to resolve any issues with their clients peacefully. In case something is wrong with your order, instead of rushing to file a ticket, try to approach the vendor first. If it doesn’t help, ask the administration to intervene.
  • When you suspect foul play, turn to customer service for help. Most likely, they won’t be able to help. But every complaint counts here because when the number of people displeased with a specific shop reaches a certain point, the vendor’s account gets terminated. Moreover, their support is incredibly friendly, swift, and efficient. They are Canadians, after all. Some stereotypes might be wrong, but this one has proven itself to be true.
  • WeTheNorth is all about a united community (you can see it in the name). So, in case you have any questions or troubles regarding your experience on the platform, you can go to WTN’s forum and ask your fellow Canadians for advice (or you can simply talk about some local things, such as a recent hockey game).

Final Verdict

Unique FeaturesAdvantagesDisadvantages
Strictly CanadianWide selection of drugsLimited availability of other products
Awesome and effective support2FANo international shipping (although some might view it as a benefit)
Friendly local communityNo JavaScriptNo multisig, FE, or wallet-free features

Of course, the North remembers CanadianHQ. But it doesn’t mean that no other market can take its place. Although its capabilities are not as enhanced as the ones of other popular platforms, WeTheNorth still excels at accomplishing its goal to create a safe space for Canadian people to buy and sell illicit products.