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Introduction to WeTheNorth Market

WeTheNorth is a standout darknet marketplace that caters exclusively to Canadian customers. Since its inception in 2020, it has drawn the attention of both casual browsers and cybersecurity experts looking to understand and analyze secure online transactions in the underground economy. Based on my experience, the platform’s commitment to security without the use of multi-signature escrow sets it apart, although it necessitates a higher degree of trust in the market’s escrow system.

Market Overview

Year Founded2020
Cryptocurrencies AcceptedBTC (Bitcoin), XMR (Monero)
Number of Users15,196
Number of Vendors903
Number of Listings4,811
EscrowStandard Escrow, FE not supported
2FAMandatory for vendors
LanguagesEnglish and French
Referral ProgramEarn up to 50% of the profit by referring new users

WeTheNorth Review

Upon our initial visit, we were excited to try out WeTheNorth due to its high user count and a substantial number of listings. Utilizing Monero for transactions provided that extra layer of anonymity which is highly valued in the cybersecurity community. The lack of multi-signature support was a concern, but the standard escrow system functioned without hiccups during our test purchases.

The market rules are stringent. As our cybersec analyst noted, the enforcement of PGP for all vendors is a robust feature that greatly enhances communication security. The rule against Finalize-Early (FE) supports a safer transaction environment, particularly for new users unfamiliar with the darknet nuances.

WeTheNorth’s interface is bilingual, supporting both English and French, which reflects Canada’s cultural diversity. This feature, coupled with 24/7 support, suggests a well-maintained and user-focused marketplace.

Personal Experience and Insights

From a cybersecurity perspective, the mandatory two-factor authentication (2FA) for vendors is a welcome feature that mitigates a variety of common security threats. However, the prohibition on JavaScript ensures that while browsing is safer, it might limit the user experience for those accustomed to more dynamic web pages.

In our continued exploration, we found the Profile Autoshop particularly innovative, allowing for immediate purchases without the typical dispatch wait, which is a common pain point in many darknet markets.


WeTheNorth is not just another marketplace; it’s a sophisticated platform for secure transactions within the Canadian darknet sphere. It strikes a balance between security and user experience, making it a recommended destination for those looking to navigate the darknet securely. Based on my experience, while the platform may not support all the advanced features like multisig, it compensates with robust security measures and a clear focus on user safety.

Happy shopping!